Lavinia Pavel, a huntress with a strong desire of affirmation among men and not just because of her limitless passion for the nature experiences which involve hunting. She has studied: Natural resource and environment protection, Forestry high school, Colegiul Silvic “Casa verde” Timisoara;
Forestry engineer, Hunting and Game management at Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Timisoara (Romania).
It was a genetically instilled passion and a real love for nature, fishing and hunting. After a period of activity in nature, the cognition and recognition of tree species, nutrition activities, of protection and preservation of animals, selective hunting and trophy preparation, a professional hunter has taken shape which respects and implements rigurously the legal hunting methods of Romania.


“ Anyone who has experienced a love story, has felt it, even if he/she has not been aware of it… I believe that love as a general notion has two main ingredients, attachment and gratitude. Let’s discover what you felt, this time by becoming conscious….You have felt that you are a hunter or maybe that you are being hunted, that you are a part of each other. You have felt you are honoring the hunt, as if it were a sacred thing. When you were a hunter you sanctified your pray, much like as a goddess, you made offerings and dedicated hymns, pouring in them your most profound love and the highest form of reverence….and then you consumed it….you have taken over its vital essence, becoming yourself a god … you have satiated and quenched your thirst with it, participating in the most complete way in the giving and receiving act, through the exchange of vital fluids….you have participated in what is maybe the most spiritually profound act which can exist between two beings.
When you were being hunted you felt fear as it blended with desire, you felt how you became afraid of what you desired the most….But in the silence of your being, you knew that love is more powerful than fear because fear is a corporeal thing, which is responsible with your survival instinct, whereas love is a spiritual aspect…
It has been there before and will still be there well after…It is and will always be on the further side of … lifes’ impediments. When our heart opens towards another person, we experience an unconditional moment of love. People usually imagine unconditional love as a high ideal or a distant one, a difficult one, if not an almost impossible to achieve one. Still, even if it is a difficult thing to put into practice every day, its nature is simple and ordinary: to open up and react in front of another being without restraints.
Often times, we best observe this quality of love in moments of beginning or end, upon birth, upon death or when we fall in love for the first time…moments when we are the least influenced by conditioned and regular perception patterns. In such moments, something vast inside of us connects with something vast from the inside of the other. The pure existence of that other person makes us aware of the regular magic of life…this is how it is in the realm of animals but the manifestation manner is unconditioned, longstanding, selfless, offering devotedness, safety….respect. This is our yearning as humans as well.

That everything should be a metaphor….or maybe a reflection of what is happening in reality in the hunter-pray relationship or is it the purest reality?
Dawn B. Brunke has written a quite revolutionary book in the field of animal behavior, entitled „The voices of animals”. Specialized in healing, metaphisics and spirituality, the author has dedicated herself for over ten years to telepathical communication with animals and the publishing of these revealing conveyances, thus helping people to open up to more profound layers from within themselves. We have a lot to learn from the hunter-pray relationship. It is surprising that, against all odds, there is a lot of love in this relationship and, most of all, a plenary experimentation of reality. The takeover of the essence of another being has a spiritual aspect to it, this relationship is based on trust and an inherent understanding. The key in this relationship is represented by it being honored and the authentic respect the two have for one another. Without these, the act of hunting cannot be finalized. Nevertheless, what can be perceived and indeed it trully is so, is that the hunting senses fear, runs, struggles and tries to find ways to escape the hunter’s attack. That is because fear is the self-preservation mechanism of the physical form, and animals are first and foremost subjected to instincts. Beyond all this there is love, deposited, as a treasure, in their collective soul.
The act of hunting is about the profound respect, even worship of the hunter towards the pray. This is the condition on which the pray offers itself, with love, as nourishment, to the hunter.”
(Pavel Lavinia – for Hunting magazine Diana,Timisoara)