Hunting indeed is a noble passion, an art, and as well a demanding sport and a modern lifestyle.
But we are did not invent hunting, it has been and still is left from God as a unique means of acquiring food and existence for a multitude of animals, and plants even, on all levels of the trophic pyramid from the base to the top of it . For me, hunting is not just a stroll that refreshes our effete bodies. It is a refreshing spiritual bath that washes away the fatigue and monotony that settle in our minds and souls during our lives.
The bullet, that you might masterfully place between the prey’s shoulders, the wonderful spectacular images and the moments lived in this wild, wonderful environment are just a part of the miracle I am looking for and living.
Hunting that has always existed from man’s need to feed, but over time became a sport, a hobby and, why not, a reason for pride. Being a controversial sport, adored by passionate people, being even a symbol of opulence, but disapproved by animal lovers. Legal hunting is not a crime, but a way to maintain a balance in nature.


We can call a true hunter one who fulfills these qualities besides many others that everybody can think of. In the old days, the hunt was an element of existence. Hunting was done for survival and hunting was done more than today, with no modern weapons like now, the hunters used sharp tools and hunted unrestricted throughout the year. Now because of excessive hunting, there are many endangered species. This is sad but true! In order to enjoy the nature and the wonders that are we are offered, we must offer to the same extent, ensuring the perpetuation of the species to our benefit and joy.

Hunting involves:

Faith, wisdom, patience, self-mastery, physical strength, self-education and self-control, talent and experience gained over time. However, most importantly:

  • Passion for nature
  • Multiple knowledge about animals
  • Hunting techniques
  • Reason

Each of us has preferences for a certain type of hunt and for various species.
Besides the moral and soul qualities, they must open their eyes, their souls and show their respect for the killed hunt.


In Romania, animal evolution is carefully monitored to establish annual hunting quotas. Hunters are more concerned with the techniques and the way they hunt and not the hunted amount.

The most important hunting laws that consider ethics are given by the fact that you are not allowed to hunt an animal in its shelter and when drinking water. The hunter has the obligation to acquire a minimum of knowledge on the biology of the hunted species, regarding the behavior, food, its development and protection, reducing the number of pests, preventing any damage caused to hunting, poaching.

Hunters have plenty of habits and true rituals to celebrate the richness of nature and every day or season of hunting. In every region, there are traditions, myths and superstitions that experienced hunters respect to be successful next season

„ The seemingly insignificant facts have a profound meaning, and it is in the nature of man to unceasingly approach them or search for their meanings … I often try to decode these meanings … But sometimes helplessness made me sad…. But being young, we still have time to learn from the Book of Nature that is part of the vast Book of Life.”

The role of women in hunting:

  • When talking about hunting, what is a person thinking about? In animals or birds, hunting dogs, weapons, green clothes and … men. Since antiquity – hunting was an activity exclusively for men.
  • However, we live in the century of speed, here and now, at a time when the woman is in the same position as the man and is confronted with everything she faces. There is a woman manager, woman mechanic, woman engineer-builder.
  • Today, women still bear their female attributes gracefully in their male posts.
  • There are men who see women as equals and they do not consider themselves neither above nor below them, and with whom they share the same passions.
  • Or … maybe the same passion for torrents of deep human emotions, for the spirit of struggle and conquest. The numbness from the oasis found during the hunt is fully rewarded through the sweat of the chase and the satisfaction of taking down the hunt.


  • In Romania, there are over 70,000 registered hunters, of which about 500 are women. Except for Queen Maria, who was a passionate hunter, Romanian women with a hunting license were not publicized much here.
  • In today’s Europe, however, feminine presence in hunting increases and their results are in line with expectations